Happy Father’s Day!

In celebration of this dia de los padres, I dedicate this blog to my amazing, supportive father! Thanks for always being there and helping me through life’s challenges…and supporting anything and everything I do. I couldn’t ask for a better father! I Love you!


Also, here are some fun sites that show you are in good company with the fathers of the world!


Warning on this one: Inappropriate language (but most of them are too funny not to share)



4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Great photo of you and your padre, Avery. I’m smiling…and I’m surprised I’m beating him to the comments–but he is probably at church right now, pounding the choir into submission for today’s concert. (Actually, I’ve heard wonderful things about last night’s concert….) Muchisimas gracias por todo.

  2. My greatest life accomplishment, of which I am most proud, is the thing that gives me more joy than I can express…being Ave’s Dad!!! You honor, me, dear daughter, with your kind words, your generous heart, and your goofy pic! My forever hope for you is the best in life and this world, all of which you’ve taken to so beautifully…

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