El tiempo está volando

“Time is flying by.” Less than 3 weeks. 2 weekends. A week of finals. 19 days. I already miss Buenos Aires. I feel like every time we go out into the city, I am saying my goodbyes. I can’t believe how fast these weeks are going. School takes over the weekdays, and the weekends go by so fast it’s already Sunday night and I’m looking back at all the things we did. We have created a bucket list of things we have not done, or want to do again and each weekend we try to check as many of them off as we can. This weekend was quite the eventful one! On Friday, Tajel, Lizzie and I went to a small zoo outside the city (Sarah had some other plans with one of her classes and then some Argentine friends). The zoo is called Parque Temaikén (and a little different than Lujan). Getting there was a bit of struggle, we got on the wrong bus, then didn’t have enough money on our bus cards, then we ended up on another wrong bus, which dropped us off about a mile away from the park, which we then had to walk to. Every time we try something new, we always look like the stupid, lost Americans…even after 4 months here. But the park was awesome! It was a wild animal park and aquarium. Luckily, we went on a chilly day, so there was almost no one there. It was a wonderful, quiet day looking at all the unusual animals. Pictures can explain more than I can…



They had CHEETAHS!! I could’ve watched them forever. We saw them near the end of our visit, and the cheetahs were quite active! They were playing around in the grass, walking up to the glass and rubbing against it, rolling around in the dirt…it was amazing! I definitely got quite excited and couldn’t stop oohing and awwing. But the girls eventually dragged me away and we walked the mile back to the stop and made our way home. That evening the girls and I met up with some friends at a jazz club. We had heard there would be a live jazz concert at this club, so we sat down, ordered a few bottles of Malbec and enjoyed the unusual Argentine jazz. The band included: 2 guitars, 2 violins, a standup Bass, and a Saxophone. No piano. No percussion. They were great though! I think most of it was improv and they were having a blast with it. It was fun to hear!

The next day, we decided to take the tour of Casa Rosada, the official and historical government building. Walking through the streets of Palermo to a cafe, it really felt like fall. We even started singing Christmas songs because it feels like that time of year for us. I still can’t believe it is June.


After our brunch at a quirky, and colorful cafe, we made our way downtown and listened to the free guided tour through the house (in Spanish of course). The house has a lot of different influences on the architecture and Sarah and I were pointing out different paintings or architectural styles we recognized from our art class. We even got to go into Cristina Kirchner’s office! She wasn’t there though. The building is lit up at night though, so when we walked out of the tour, it was quite beautiful to see.


Afterwards, we walked to El Ateneo, which is one of the most unusual and biggest bookstores in the world. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but we had gone before, but Lizzie wasn’t here yet. So we had to take her! It really is amazing!


After much walking, we made it home only to collapse on our beds. We were quite exhausted. We managed to eat some oreos, which is always just SUCH a chore, and watch “Perks of Being a Wallflower” before heading to bed. Lovely end to a long, and eventful day!

Today, we decided to go back to one of our favorite Sunday morning events, the San Telmo street fair. With local artists, street performers, and tourists from all over the world, it is quite the event. I was able to find lots of little goodies to bring back to the family and friends, and also still had money to buy myself a warm, street-made crepe with nutella and banana. Yum!





It was a lovely and successful day out in the city with friends! On the bus ride home, I couldn’t help but get sad at the prospect of leaving. As much as I am excited to be back home, making my own food, seeing my family and friends; I also know how much I am going to miss being here. Life here is just so unique. Buenos Aires is a special place to me. Being here has taught me so much about the world, other people and cultures, and especially, myself. Even though I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to (like becoming fluent in Spanish…I still have a ways to go before that happens), I have gotten more out of this experience than I could have ever imagined. I know these last weeks will go by quickly, but I know will continue experiencing new things, and appreciating every last moment I have here. Until next time! Chau!


5 thoughts on “El tiempo está volando

  1. Great pictures and narrative. You have really advanced in your ability to describe. Sure you don’t want to become a professional tour guide in BA? Your enthusiasm would be a great asset. GK

  2. Well, shoot… I’m sad at the prospect of your leaving, too. I’ve TREMENDOUSLY enjoyed your colorful window onto the world of Argentina: your photos, your words, your enthusiasm and reflectiveness. Hmm, maybe you should consider a career in journalism and/or photo-journalism. You have a deft touch, Ms. Avery. Truly.

  3. Well, truthfully, I might be the only one who’s more than glad to see your adventure end! I’ve missed you deeply, but will be ever grateful to FaceTime for at least keeping us “in touch”…though that’s what I especially miss — no substitute for a Big Hug!

    Sharing through your posts about this rare lifetime experience has meant so much to so many. You have brought us such fun images, strong descriptions, and personal perspectives. We’ve also been privileged to learn more about you, this impressive young woman named Avery, this person who has opened-up herself to us as she journeys into Young Adulthood…a richly maturing life you are discovering & creating with such insightfulness.

    Thank you, dearest daughter, for all time, care, and effort you have given your readers…your family & friends!

  4. Know you’re coming to the end of a memorable passage in your life. Make the most of it, and then be prepared to come back earn your degree with flying colors. Love, Nama

  5. I’m thinking of you, Ms. Avery, as your tiempo continues volando-ing…. These days must be incredibly bittersweet for you–and I know you are savoring every moment, driving life into a corner (as good ol’ Thoreau would say). Look forward to seeing you on your return.

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