Fall in May

Fall has arrived in Argentina. As you enjoy your blossoming, warm springtime, we are beginning to feel the chill of winter. This past week has been a chilly, windy, rainy week. Which is probably why I have very little to blog about lately. I am a California girl through and through…and so this weather makes me want to stay in my bed, eat chocolate, and watch movies ALL day long. But unfortunately, the responsibilities of life keep me from this dream. However, my schedule here is wonderful, and therefore, allows for much time in my cozy bed. With the weather like this, I have been sleeping in until 11am, getting ready, and starting my school day at 1pm, as it has been all semester. But instead of enjoying the weather after school and exercising or exploring the city, I tend to find myself quickly back in bed after school watching television shows and “doing” my homework. Which usually consists of reading a few pages, or quickly writing a short answer response to a question. Not quite the demanding college schedule I’m used to. Also, not working has been a very strange change in my schedule. Usually at school, I have classes in the morning, and then have some time to relax before going to work all night. Here, I have free time Every afternoon! At first, it was great, but now I find myself huddled in a dark room under blankets and only leaving for dinner time. My laziness has reached an all time high. I have finished all seasons of Parks and Recreation and am currently on the 9th episode of Game of Thrones…which I started two days ago.

However, even though my life has become school and bed…we still try to get out and about at least one or twice on the weekends. Last weekend, the girls and I went to a few museums we’ve wanted to check out. One was for a famous Argentine artist, philosopher, inventor, and everything-elser, named Xul Solar. A fascinating man with a brilliant mind. Afterwards, we went to the house where the most famous Tango singer and movie star of the 20s lived, Carlos Gardel. He was in several movies and sang beautiful Tango songs that are still listened to today. I am also learning quite a bit about him in my Tango culture class. Then, we went to the largest mall in Buenos Aires, called El Abasto. I’m not really a mall fan, but this was Definitely a site to see! It had an entire theme park inside! There was a ferris wheel, small roller-coasters for children, and big, swinging ship, and a whole arcade! It was AMAZING. I felt like a child again while I ran through all the twinkling lights, the smells of roasted candies and nuts, and hearing the clinking sounds of the games. It was SO fun. I have never seen anything like it. It was overwhelming to say the least. Last Thursday night, my friends and I went to see “The Great Gatsby”!! Directed my Baz Luhrmann…who if you didn’t know, directed my favorite film, “Moulin Rouge.” It was quite the film-going experience. Filmed with 3-D cameras, it takes a semi-modern twist on the classic novel. The story line stays true, and the feelings and characters are true to the original story, but Baz uses modern music and a modern “party scene” to re-vamp the classic novel…which I Loved! I thought he did a brilliant job and if you go into the movie expecting this modern feeling, then I think you will love it to. It is a very fun film that I would highly recommend. And of course, having close ups of Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t hurt either. Today, it was raining, so it wasn’t the best day to do things in the city, but we did make it out of the house for a wonderful brunch across town. After an hour wait we finally sat down in a little antique-looking cafe and ordered WAY too much food. I had pancakes with berries and honey with my usual cafe con leche. Yummy!

Tonight, we are going to stay in and bake brownies, pop some popcorn, drink some wine, and watch Pulp Fiction! Lizzie has never seen it…so this is an important night for her (Pulp Fiction is my 2nd favorite movie for those that didn’t know). I’m so glad the girls I live with are very similar to me. Going out can be fun too, but the nights I truly love, especially on cold nights, are those where you are with friends, eating bad food, and watching movies. And yes, I know I can do that in CA too…but right now, it just sounds like a perfect night in Argentina. No matter where I am, being home with friends can be more fun than constantly wanting to “go go go,” even if that’s what you’re supposed to when traveling or spending time in another country. And of course, we definitely want to appreciate our last month in the city, and we are! But we are also appreciating the friends we have here and the fun we can have with a night in. I still LOVE this city, and I want to see as much as possible, but I’ve also slowed down my pace, and am simply living my life in Buenos Aires. There is SO much to do here, but tonight, I am looking forward to just spending some time with my friends.

I hope everyone back at home is doing well and enjoying quiet nights in as well! Sending my love to all!

To put a smile on your face, here are 2 videos I can’t stop laughing about…one for the dog lovers and one for the cat lovers(or sympathizers):



3 thoughts on “Fall in May

  1. Your pace was bound to change and now you truly have the feeling of living there. You have experienced the best of both. Good for you and we will be glad to have you back home.

  2. I hate to think what the dancing dog is actually doing…and the desolate kitties made me laugh, hard. Thanks for the good start to the day. For some reason, I hadn’t thought about your flipped seasons down Argentina way. Duh. You will get to enjoy two summers and two falls this year–how cool is that?! Enjoy the rain and the lounging and the chocolate. And as always, thanks for the great posts.

  3. I’m not sure if you’re heartily embracing your Fall nesting-self? You should, as it’s a special time of year that, as the wise Ms Ross noted, you actually get to experience twice in 2013! (Hadn’t thought about that, either!) Now whether you can find solace &/or encouragement in those fall-ish activities, only you can say. I know I don’t find much kinship with such seasonal behaviors as you describe, which is why I live in a mostly sunny clime and not a wintery one. It’s good you’re learning about all this stuff, but I sure am looking forward to your return home!

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