“Love is a wild bird that no one can tame. It is useless to chase it if it won’t play the game.”
Last night, the roomies and I had an evening of Opera. But before I discuss the evening, I have to share our adventure of buying the tickets first. Last weekend, we took the underground train, called the Subte, downtown. We knew the famous theatre was called Teatro Colon, and it is in a very famous plaza. And the theatre itself is quite famous. It is one of the best in the world and is known for having perfect acoustics. The building is beautiful, but so are ALL the buildings around it. 
This photo is off Plaza Tribunales…and yes, I stole it off the internet. But the building you see is NOT Teatro Colon…and you will soon learn why this is important.
So, we arrived at the Plaza and looked around for an amazing, old building. The first one we saw, for some reason, we had already previously been told was Teatro Colon, and so we just went straight up the stairs without evening thinking about it. It had big columns, looked impressive. It had to be a theatre, right? Wrong. We walked in and there were metal detectors and guards standing at the door. But even THIS didn’t make us realize we were in the WRONG building. So instead of using common sense, I went up to the nearest guard and said, “Donde esta la boleteria?” Which means, “Where is the ticket office?” Confused, the man asked me what I meant. And then I continued by asking, “Where can I buy tickets for the opera?” Chuckling, the man gently lead us out the door and said we were in the wrong building…that we wanted Teatro Colon, which was across the street. He pointed to it and said that we were in the Tribunales building. Which is the courthouse and government official building. No wonder they didn’t have a ticket office. So, that was our stupid American moment of the day. Not our finest moment.
BUT, it was all worth it, or as they say here “Vale la pena!” (Worth the pain!) because we got to go see an amazing Opera in an amazing theatre for only 40 pesos! Which is about 5 or 6 dollars. However, we bought the tickets for the standing section, which is why the price was so cheap. So the seats where a bit uncomfortable, since we didn’t have any, but the show was fantastic! HUGE cast, great music, and lots of costumes. The opera itself is pretty sad, and little dull with its love triangle and love themes, but we had a great time. Here is a quick look at our evening:
Outside the theatre on our way to the Opera!
Snuck into the fancy part to take pictures…all dressed up for the show!
It really was beautiful.
I even got to practice my Spanish reading skills! And I understood almost everything!

2 thoughts on “Carmen

  1. Oh what a night you ladies must have had, seeing Bizet’s grand opera and hearing one of music’s greatest songs, “Toreador.” Who couldn’t love such a romantic musical tragedy, mixed with wanton gypsy girls & love-sick soldier boys. Makes a dad wanna boast about how his daughter ventured out, so beautifully dressed-up, to a night at the opera — in “Teatro Colon,” no less! My the things you’ve seen…

  2. To quote the great Dr. Seuss:
    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
    (“Oh, the Places You’ll Go! “)
    Thanks for taking us along as you go to the places you go. I love the opera–all those people dressed up and smelling good…and all that spectacle. Yowser! You and your buds look fabulous, ready for a Night at….

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