Uruguay and Regina Spektor

What does Uruguay have to do with a Regina Spektor concert? Nothing. Except, that I did both these things last weekend!

But before I tell you about those activities. Let me update you on life in general. I haven’t posted a blog recently, to be honest, because there has been very little for me to say. Last last weekend was Easter break for us here. We had 6 days to do nothing…and that is exactly what we did. Most people in our group traveled to amazing places in Argentina, like Bariloche, but the roomies and I decided to save our money and enjoy life in Buenos Aires during a quiet weekend. However, we didn’t realize HOW quiet it would be. Everything was closed and many people left the city to visit family elsewhere. So there wasn’t much to do. We did discover a unique Peruvian restaurant that served raw shark and cinnamon pisco sours. Sarah ate cow stomach without knowing it. It was gross. But as our saying goes, “Just order it.” It always is a surprise, which can be fun, but in this case was quite disgusting. Other than that, our weekend consisted of movies, sleeping, and more movies. It was a Great lazy weekend! For anyone looking for movie recommendations, I’ve seen almost every movie on this list and I would highly recommend these movies…Enjoy!


The week goes by slowly, going to school in the afternoons and coming home and doing hw, reading, or watching more movies (Hey, its the college life!) On the weekends we always try to go out and explore parts of the city we haven’t seen yet. Last weekend we found a park that holds a HUGE garage sale/market in it. I got a shirt(seen in the Uruguay pictures below) for 10 pesos! That’s less than 2 dollars. I also found a great ring and sunglasses each for under 2 or 3 dollars. My classes are going well. Nothing too difficult, but still intense because they are in Spanish. So I might not have a lot of outside work, but just sitting in class and focusing is twice as hard, which is exhausting. I’m really enjoying my Latin American film class, but the movies we are watching are VERY intense. They would definitely Never be allowed in my Catholic University in San Diego. But the teacher is very intelligent and expects a lot from us when analyzing the movies, which I enjoy.

Last weekend was fun because on Friday we went with our organization, CEA, to Colonia, Uruguay. I really didn’t know what to expect…but I knew it was a small, old town. We took about an hour long ferry ride across Rio del Plata and were shuffled into a bus for a small tour of the city. The land was beautiful and very green. The water of the river almost surrounded the small town…but it was not the beautiful ocean water I was imagining. It was completely brown. It looked like Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.


However, the city was beautiful. It felt like a sleepy beach town, but made with old brick buildings and cobblestone streets. There was really not much to do there, so we mostly spent the day walking and enjoying eachother’s company. CEA arranged a lunch for us, which was very disappointing unfortunately. The meal was not great and the service took two HOURS to serve us. But the day ended well with us laying in the grass, laughing, and playing cards. It was a calm day, which I appreciated.


On the river beach. From left: Taylor, me, Sam, and Tajel.


The cobblestone streets and old cars of Colonia.


Trying to be retro…


Our band photo. From left: Tajel, me, Sarah, Taylor.


A beautiful sunset after a quiet day in Colonia.

Friday ended quietly as we arrived back in Buenos Aires not until 10:30pm. The roomies and I grabbed some Pad Thai at a busy Thai restaurant, which was something we had been craving for awhile. SO good!

Saturday started off slow, but then in the afternoon Sarah and I had an adventure to go on for our Art History class. We went to a Art Museum to take notes and write about specific pieces. However, we had already been to this museum, and the second story was closed off, so there wasn’t much we hadn’t already seen. However, saturday night was full of excitement! Sam and I had discovered that we were both huge Regina Spektor fans when we met, and lo’ and behold, Regina was coming to Buenos Aires in April!! We jumped on the opportunity and were able to get fairly cheap tickets. So, last Saturday, we grabbed a bite to eat then headed over to the concert venue, which luckily was not far away. We walked into this large open space, with a HUGE stage and lights all along it. There were stadium seats on either sides and several seated rows in front of the stage. We had purchased the cheapest tickets so our “seats” was basically just the large grassy(but now muddy after the rains) area behind the center seats where a large crowd was gathered. Now remember, I am 5’2’…Sam is 5’3″…this was not the best place to be for two small girls. We tried to squeeze our way to the front of the crowd, but they were not having it. So, we ended up standing far enough in the back that the stage was just visible over peoples’ heads. We also found some blocks and plastic tiles that we piled together and stood on. Luckily, there were large screens above the stage that we could easily see too. Also remember, we are in Argentina, so we got there right on time….at 9:30…and then waited, and waited. FINALLY, Regina quietly walked on stage about 10:30. Everyone was cheering and she was just so cute waving and in her child-like voice saying “Hola” y “Gracias” to the crowd of maybe 300 or more people. She didn’t waste any time and sat down at her piano, with her drums and cello accompaniment and went into one of my favorite songs, “On the Radio.” She played lots of my favorites from her old albums, and several new ones I had not heard. She was BRILLIANT. Every song was unique and sounded EXACTLY like they do on her albums. I can’t explain how GOOD she really is. Her voice is so unique and she has such an amazing talent and range of sounds she can do. She ended with my favorite song, “Samson,” and was just so cute. It was definitely a night I will always remember. There was even a girl crying next to me…which I don’t know if she was crying because she was alone or because the music really touched her. I hope it was the latter.

Nothing really else to report, except that this week is our official half-way point of the trip! It feels like I have been here for SO long, so I’m excited that I still have this amount of time left, but I feel like this second part is going to go by quickly. Now that we are getting into more of a routine of school, home, and weekends, I’m afraid time will slip by. But I am trying to appreciate Every day here and live my life to the fullest! But sometimes, snuggling up in my bed and watching a movie can be good too. 🙂 xoxo


2 thoughts on “Uruguay and Regina Spektor

  1. Yay! another Avery post! And wow–I’m first in the comments. (Where on earth is your father?) I love this piece, Avery–as I have loved all your posts. Thanks for taking time out of your packed days to keep us States-siders up to date. Your photo of the brown water is somewhat horrifying…but your comment about Willie Wonka’s chocolate river made me laugh. Argentina looks beautiful (apart from the chocolate river), and you look happy–a spectacularly thriving Avery. I am happy for you. Keep writing–you’re good at this travel-blog stuff.

  2. I feel sheepish replying soooooo yesterday. Thankfully we Skype! But that doesn’t excuse me for not commenting on these remarkable photos, for example, or your wonderfully interesting descriptions of Colonia and Regina’s concert. I really need to get her music in my ears, for not only do I like her voice but her songs pack alot of ideas…much like your blog. I too hope you’ll keep writing your observations and explorations; they’re a rich chronicle, and a fun read!

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