Back to school…

This week has been our first week of class at the University of Belgrano. On monday morning, we walked the long walk of two blocks to our school (that was sarcasm by the way). We sat down with all the other students studying abroad here from the United States and took a short, fill in the blank and writing test. It took less than an hour, and then the teachers sent us away while they graded them right there and then. After about another hour or so, we went back inside the class and they called off our names and what level we were and what class we were. We we were joking that it felt a bit like being sorted. Except there was no awesome hat talking to us. After the test, the CEA group (which is the program we are using to organize this trip) took us on a little tour of the school’s neighborhood, which also is my neighborhood too! We stopped at a big fashion mall and had lunch there. Their mall food is a Lot better than back at home. Un poco mas saludable. After our lunch, Pamela, our CEA organizer and tour guide told us about all the beautiful buildings of Belgrano and a little history of the country itself, especially during the Peronista dictatorship. I am reading a biography on Evita, so it was exciting to hear the point of view of her about things I have been reading. After the tour, we were set free to walk around and see more places for ourselves.

Sarah, Tajel, and I walked a bit more then decided we were tired and we came home. After our daily nap, we stayed in until dinner time. I went down to the pool for a bit too which was really nice! Alicia, our host mom, is a lawyer and monday was her first day back to work from a Month of vacation! So she stayed very late and wasn’t with us for dinner…which I believe was a meatloaf thing. Not my favorite unfortunately. After, we hung in our rooms, read, cleaned up…I showed one of my favorite girly movies to the girls. We watched “The Sweetest Thing.” Not sure they liked it as much as me…haha.

After a good night of rest, we woke up to get ready for our first day of class! Even though we are all in different classes, we luckily all start at 10am. However, because I did the early start program, we have class from 10am-3pm…yes, that’s 5 hours! My teacher is fantastic! She’s VERY patient with us, speaks slowly and only lets us speak in spanish. The first day was a bit of a review, but I think it helped clarify things. I also love that the class is discussion based and we can ask her about cultural differences or confusing words, like the vos form. And the differences of pronunciations too. The first day of class surprisingly went by quickly, and after, we had to get a few paperwork things done and then we went to the postal office to get our SUBE card, or transportation card…which will be great to have!

After a long day of school and errands, we had to run home and get ready because one of the residencias where some of the CEA students live was hosting a party. Everyone was asked to bring something to drink and we were going to be fed hand-made empenadas and showed the proper techniques and art to making mate(the most popular tea drink here). After a little mis-adventure down a few wrong streets, we finally found the house and were taken up onto this beautiful roof-top patio where about 30 or 40 people were gathered and introducing themselves. Everyone is in the CEA program, but many are at the CEA global campus, which is just where international kids study, instead of at an actual Argentinian University. It was a long and fun night, and it got more fun as the bottles became empty. The empenadas were Amazing and dessert was fantastic! They were like sweet little powdered sugar cookies. Everyone was very nice, and as I hopped from conversation to conversation, I kept switching from Spanish to English and back again because lots of people are working on their spanish and are only speaking in spanish, which is crazy. I’m working on getting there…After the party, it was still early when we had to leave because we were loud and would keep up the neighbors, so a few of my new friends and I went to a small bar nearby and chatted for awhile. The bar looked like a old ship or dark underground part of an old European castle. It was not too crowded because of the early hour. By 1 or so, we were tired and walked Jen home, then went to my home where Taylor got a cab back to his house. A fun night indeed!

This morning was day 2 of school. Not too much to report. I was tired this morning and woke up with a lot of pain in my stomach. I think I got the same bug Tajel had a few days earlier…hopefully it’ll pass soon! It was harder to focus in class, but I’m still really enjoying it and appreciating the review! After class, I came home quickly and fell asleep. I don’t feel too well to eat or do much, so I think tonight will be a quiet one! I’ll keep everyone updated as best as I can! Sorry for no pictures….I am AWFUL at taking pictures. Some will come soon! Promise!

Chau(Argentinian spelling),



3 thoughts on “Back to school…

  1. I thought “mate” was Aussie slang, but you probably pronounce it, “mah-tay.” Maybe the tummy rumbles came from it? Hope it’s a passing thing (pun intended). Sounds like the CEA folks are doing a great job getting all of you oriented & showing you the sights. I sure look forward to reading your entries, and sharing with you your thoughts, feelings & adventures. Thanks, Ave!

  2. So glad to hear about your first days. It makes me feel a little like I can experience it, too. Hope that your stomach bug leaves soon. Grandma Karen

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