I have officially arrived and settled into my new home in Buenos Aires. My host family is 2 blocks away from the University of Belgrano, which will be my new school for the next 5 months. The trip went as well as any 13 hour trip can go in Economy class. And I easily found my fellow study abroad students huddled together next to the CEA sign once I managed my way through passport checks and customs.

We drove to the school and watched through the window as signs, futbol stadiums, deserted hospitals, and highrises moved along beside us. As we drove into the Belgrano district, the buildings grew taller and more modern. And the mansions appeared through tropical trees and forestry decorating the street. The weather is HOT and humid, which is difficult coming from a Bay Area winter.

At the school, we met up with our host families, which took mine and Tajel’s, my new roommate also from USD, suitcases to the apartment while we walked the short 2 blocks to our new home. Up on the 9th floor, on top of the building, we rode the gated elevator to our Huge apartment. On one side, there is the kitchen, living room and balcony looking out over all the surrounding neighborhood. On the other is the master bedroom, and then three other bedrooms…which share two bathrooms. Tajel and I are sharing a bedroom which is small, but sweet. Plenty of space to live in.

So far, the day has been quiet. Naps, shorts walks around the neighborhood, our first cafe find, and just moving in and meeting our host family. Alicia, who is a lawyer and Jose Enrique, who is an architect. Her daughter and two grandchildren are visiting for the week. Everyone is VERY accommodating and sweet…but they speak very little English, which means my spanish skills are already being tested…which is proving to be quite the challenge.

Tomorrow, we have our first group meetings and tours around the city. I will hopefully get comfortable with the language and city soon! This blog will keep track of my experiences for all who are curious to read. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Oh how cool…I’m telling everybody I can think of to follow your blog. They’ll be so delighted to read your wonderful accounts. Thanks, Sweetie!

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